Chateau Bellevue's New And Improved Upper Terrace

matt montalvo photography-2.jpg

There is always room for improvement...even in a historic and stunning venue like Chateau Bellevue. We are so proud to present our recently refurbished upper terrace! After years of Chateau Bellevue's entrance view being that of a grass terrace we decided to renovate and upgrade to a more consistent and elegant option that matches the venue's esthetic. The new upper terrace features reclaimed pavers that mirror the Chateau's Romanesque architecture.

The new terrace is not only pleasing to the eye but is far more practical for the various events that we host here at Chateau Bellevue. The pavers are more weather resistant, a stable and even ground for event set up, and high-heel friendly! 

A special thank you to Matt Montalvo for his beautiful photography -

A special thank you to Matt Montalvo for his beautiful photography -

And we are not done yet! We still have improvement plans for our beloved upper terrace. Soon we will have a beautiful landscape design with more flowers and greenery. We will also have lights placed along the border and in the bushes, adding a magical feel to our many night events. The Austin Woman's Club, Chateau Bellevue Staff, and especially our guests are all so excited about our renovations.

We want to thank Breaux Design Group for their fantastic work. We could not have asked for better!

Where to Start when Planning your Wedding

We will be the first to say that wedding planning can be overwhelming. From picking out your dress, deciding on your color theme and picking out your food, there is a lot to do! Don't fret! Here are a few steps to help you get started:

1. Create a Budget: You should have a general idea of how much you are willing to spend. If any family has offered to help you out, don't be a afraid to ask them how much they are willing to chip in. Knowing your overall budget will help to guide you through all of these decisions you are about to make!

2. Choose a Time Frame: You don't have to have an exact date picked out. Its actually better if you don't! If you become set on a venue or photographer who isn't available on the date you've picked, you might feel like you are settling for another option. Having a time frame in mind is definitely the way to go. Do you want to get married in the Fall or Spring? Are there any times of year you want to avoid because of holidays or events? Keeping these things in mind will help avoid unnessesry stress!

3. Choose a Venue: Choosing your wedding venue (and Church if needed) should be at the top of your list! Venues typically get booked further out than other vendors. Plus, its harder to book your other vendors if you don't know where you're wedding is going to be! It might also be helpful to make a list with your partner about what is most important to you in a wedding venue. Do you prefer on-site catering? Is outdoor space important to you? Once you've booked your venue, you will also have your wedding date, which means you can take a deep breath and celebrate! You're getting married!

4. Choose Your Other Vendors: Now it is time to choose the rest of your vendors. Keep in mind this may depend on what your wedding venue includes. For instance, here at Chateau Bellevue, we include all tables, chairs and linens, SCORE! So you wouldn't have to worry about hiring a rental company. Start with what vendors are most important to you. Are you set on having the best photographer in town, or are you more focused on having an amazing DJ? Once the rest of your vendors are booked, grab some champagne and raise a toast to yourselves, job well done!

photo by  Jennifer Nichols